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Business Growth is the stage where your business reaches the point for expansion. Successful growth comes from identifying additional options to generate more profit. It’s always about profit, whether costs savings, production efficiencies or increasing margins through pricing or other activities.

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Strategy & Transformation

Strategy is all about choices. The primary ingredient is knowledge-based options to build evolutionary (sometimes revolutionary) advantage. Successful Transformation is the managed implementation of success focused choices. Emphasis on the word "managed".

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation is based on your capabilities including mindset and practical tools and most importantly "money" to develop ideas into a commercial business proposition. And how to be entrepreneurial and inspire innovation from others.

Business Model & Commercialisation

Business Models also known as the "income generating engines". You need to identify additional options to generate more profit. It’s always about profit, whether costs savings, production efficiencies or increasing margins through pricing or other activities.

Business Plan

Business plans are a traditional way of conveying the nature of the business and includes the sales and marketing strategy, the financial background, a projected profit and loss statement and so on. We can show you how to use new tools and methodologies to produce better investigated and deliberated, therefore more effective, business plans.

Specialised Services

Not everything is about mentoring and coaching you and your team, it can take too long and becomes costly, so we can provide specific services in the areas of Commercialisation, Technology and Digital Growth.

Financial Modelling

Financial Information is the corner stone of any business. Financial Modelling is the building of abstract representations (a model) for real-world financial situations such as Budgeting, Cashflow and more complex situations including Forecasting. As long as you understand what you want and can articulate it, we can build it!

Delivery & Key Milestones Management

A key component of successful growth is delivery - not just your Products and Services but your internal Projects and Transformation. So how do you currently de-risk business change? identify challenges? And implement resolutions to your barriers to growth? What is your current method of managing the delivery of key milestones? And is it working?

Raising Finance

Growth can only happen if you can fuel it with "money". Financing is the process of raising money through the sale of shares, loans, invoice discounting and alternative means such as investments. This can be for short-term need to pay bills or you might have a long-term goal and require funds to invest in your growth.

Resources & Personnel

The team is an important element in any organisation especially when starting up and pre-acceleration. The provision of services can include the supply of Subject Matter Experts, Non-Executive Directors, Professional personnel and services.

We Inspire Smiles

Shakeeb has held several roles in his 37 years in technology industry most recently as an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Judge and Mentor.

He works closely with the management board of fast-moving enterprises, to deliver innovative solutions that regularly exceed the stakeholders’ expectations and bring about amplified benefits to the business in both traditional Business/IT terms and emerging Digital Technologies.

Key strengths include: the ability to look at business challenges both strategically and tactically; quick to understand and solve business critical issues through technological enhancements resulting in, cost savings, improved business efficiency and performance gain; enterprise experience in multi-stream delivery management (programme, project, resources, matrix); a deep understanding of the systems development life-cycle and the legal implications of systems and compliance; as well as being involved in the drafting of contracts, service level agreements and performance guidelines. Proficient business and technology Mentor.

Authority in a variety of existing and emerging technologies such as: Digital Twin; Digital Transformation; Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics (Predictive & Prescriptive), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber Security.

Shakeeb Niazi

Business Growth Specialist

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